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  1. Chaka Chaka
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  6. lyme. 2014 lyme. 2014
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    lyme. 2014

  7. Lyme. 2014

  8. Document

    My Documentary ‘Departure’ has been featured by Tribe Magazine. Really happy with this as they feature some very interesting work and the online magazine is definitely worth checking out.

  9. Julianne. 2014 Julianne. 2014
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    Julianne. 2014

  10. Documentary film I made as the final piece for my degree. It’s my first real attempt at film making and is a reflection on the experience of four migrants living and working in Exeter, Devon.

  11. Snowdonia, Wales. 2014 Snowdonia, Wales. 2014
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    Snowdonia, Wales. 2014

  12. George. 2014. George. 2014.
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    George. 2014.

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